The GAMIPHY Story 

We started in 2017 with an idea of making the e-commerce world more fun. The combination of games and rewards was what triggered our path to begin this exciting journey. It was a team of three, and now a growing team of 10. The wheel continues to roll, it won’t stop here.

Our team is passionate, driven, and constantly coming up with creative ideas to make online shopping an engaging, adventurous, and a rewarding experience. 

Meet our team


Aws Alnabulsi

Chief Executive Officer

Ahmad Alstaty

Chief Technology Officer

Riyad Yahia

Senior Software Engineer

Rana Assi

Software Engineer

Ramzi Barakat

Business Development

Vivek Agrawal

Games Developer

Matias Espinach

Graphic designer (UI/UX)

Our values define who we are 


together as a team we achieve and progress 


we welcome all ideas from bizarre to ordinary  


fast-pace, hardworking, result-driven 


when we create there is a desire to do so 


we work hard but never forget to reward ourselves for it  


having a fun team environment is what we are all about 





Our Mission 

“To create efficient marketing tools for enterprises of all

types and sizes in the e-commerce industry.”



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