Business Intelligence meets Loyalty

Gain insightful data from your customer’s actions in your store. Personalize the customer journey with every click

Effortless Personalization

Deep dive into Business Intelligence

Customer management

Increase sales and conversions rate through enhanced customer profiling, tracking, and management of current/prospective customers.

Program analytics

Get real time data on how users interact with your loyalty station.

Consumer Behavior

Get help understanding your customers based on factors like purchase frequency, spend, and product preferences, that’ll make for more efficient customer targeting and enhance product recommendations.


Lead your customers to conversion by running dynamic retargeting campaigns based on their buyer journey.


Group customers based on engagement and loyalty and reward them.

Customer retention

Convert one-off buyers to loyal brand advocates through predictive customer retention analytics.

Content personalization

Empower your marketing strategy with the right insights, SMART on-site notifications, personalized automation, and customer segmentation.

Products recommendations

We can’t predict the future, but we CAN employ AI to push products we know your customers will love!

Select the platform your store on, and launch The Loyalty Station in less than 2 minutes

Join the world's fastest-growing brands and accelerate your business growth

Customer Stories

Gamiphy has been an integral partner for us. Always with the best disposition, willing to take on new challenges, and pushing the boundaries on consumer experiences together. It’s beyond gamification for us. They’ve become a key partner in innovation.
Cecilia Pingel
Brand Manager - Caterpillar

Customer Stories

During our 2 year partnership, Gamiphy helped beeline to move it’s gamification stream to next level. With the help of team, we have introduced new experiences to Georgian audience, which helped us to increase customer engagement in a quite unique way
Beeline testimonial
Jaba Shavishvili
Digital Product Owner - Beeline

Customer Stories

Working with Gamiphy has been a great experience: always with the best disposition to work as a team and, in this way, achieve excellent results. We have managed to captivate new consumers, keep them entertained and show ourselves as a dynamic brand in the market
Isabel Tagle
Brand Manager - Rockford

Transforming your customer life cycle

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