Converting visitors through immersive experiences that fuel loyalty

Since our launch in 2017, we’ve been laser-focused on creating engaging experiences for e-commerce customers, with our end game* to increase customer retention and create loyal brand advocates along the way.

As the name entails, Gamiphy was built off the theory of gamification [the process of adding game mechanics into nongame environments] to drive customers to conversions and loyalty. Over the years, we’ve learned to optimize human-focused design in a way that influences consumer behavior and drives e-commerce growth. Leveraging the data backed insights we derive from individual customer journeys, we’ve combined and productized our features and core offerings into a trifecta growth solution for e-commerce platforms. 

Gamiphy’s Trifecta Solution unifies its trademarked Loyalty Station, XP Station, and Business Intelligence Station into a bundle that better serves our clients through more predictive analysis and personalization, coupled with immersive social experiences that not only engages shoppers, but cultivates an army of brand advocates at the same time.

We’ve helped our clients accelerate growth nearly three-fold from the point of integration onward. From visitor to conversion, clients have seen a 25% increase in conversions with Gamiphy’s plug and play solution. 

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The Roadmap

We’re picking up speed and we aren’t slowing down. Now in the process of building our Machine Learning technology to better understand the data we collect, with more sophisticated segmentation, that is seamlessly integrated into our client’s CRM, and will enable you to launch more targeted campaigns. We envision machine learning will play a huge role in conducting the bulk of a company’s work, and allow for enhanced identification of key trends, segments, and hyper-personalized marketing completely free of human interference. Accordingly, E-stores will see their growth multiply in unprecedented ways. 

Let’s write our story together

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Our Story

From his early days consulting Silicon Valley companies on their products and technologies, Gamiphy’s CEO – Aws Al Nabulsi, noticed a common theme among them all – customer engagement and retention were generally high-priority issues but none of those companies were tackling engagement and retention effectively. At the time, Gamification was still a newly emerging concept that was making its way to the forefront, however, companies hadn’t yet incorporated it into their marketing strategies.  

Fast-Forward to 2017, Al-Nabulsi launches Gamiphy- a product that aims to transform the way ecommerce companies create engaging experiences that are hyper-aligned with the growing expectations of the GenZ and Millennial consumer of today. Today, it takes a lot more effort for companies to increase customer retention and create loyal brand advocates along the way. That’s where Gamiphy comes in.

Gamiphy's CEO - Aws Al Nabulsi

Transforming your customer life cycle

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