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Gathering User Behavior Data Through Gamification

Posted on November 26, 2018

No matter how serious the business you are currently running is, there can always be a chance to turn things around, and put the twist that many things need to get to the destination they should be in, especially when it comes to customers, to profits and all of your KPIs.
Gamification can be used to get you to places that no other marketing strategy can. While there are many dynamics and techniques you can customize for your own business, quizzes in particular can be of great use to many businesses, and your business might be one of them.

Benefits of Using Quizzes

1. Growth and Going Viral

It happened many times and it could happen to you, when a very simple quiz suddenly goes viral. Going viral gives you so may advantages over those competing with you, even if achieved by a simple quiz.
Scroll down your daily news feed on social media, count how many times you have actually seen a quiz shared with a funny caption by a friend or a virtual friend of yours.
If you were able to use gamification and create your quiz just right, your quiz might find its way to your social feed shared by someone else! Who wouldn’t want that?
In short, your quiz can help you grow your social reach beyond imagination and overnight!

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