Grow Your Online Store with The Loyalty StationTM

Create long-term customer engagement through social and gamified experiences to increase sales

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Increase in conversion rate

When every visitor feels special and happy, your business will see a boost in conversions.

Audience engagement

Audience engagement is a reflection of how people view your brand or business, higher engagement rates yields more loyal brand ambassadors.

Boost Marketing Effectiveness

Personalization is the key to successful marketing campaigns. Understand your customers behavior with our marketing personalization engine.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye
to Legacy Loyalty Programs

The Loyalty Station is your new approach to motivate
and engage customers for the long term loyalty


The essentials

Manage the basics of a loyalty program easily

Redeemable Points
Promos and Discounts
Tiers and Levels
Referral Program


Social shopping

Turn your business social and build a community

Dynamic shopping stories
Fun social games
Interactive wall with live updates
Customer interactions and reviews

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Live shopping

Boost your sales with live interactive campaigns

Choose the products you want to sell out
Create limited offers and discounts
Go live and engage with your audience


Personalized marketing

Empower your marketing efforts with the right insights

Smart on-site notifications
Personalized automated emails
Customer segmentation based on behaviour



Fuel your customer engagement with branded games

Choose a game from our library
Launch it within your store
Take it to your social media
Reward players and convert them into customers

Transforming your customers journey

Get a demo of The Loyalty Station and see how it will improve your customer retention, engagement, and conversion